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3-day free challenge

Learn how to get your feet up higher, relax your back after climbing, and increase your focus.

How does the challenge work?

  1. After signing up, you'll have access to the challenge in our protected member area Fit4Climbing.
  2. The challenge lasts 3 days and includes a 10-minute yoga video with a helpful focus for climbers.
  3. After the challenge, ask yourself: Which pose was easy? Which pose felt difficult but would be helpful to practice more? Is there a pose you want to add to your warm-up or cool-down?

Why the challenge?

We did the challenge for you because we want to share two experiences we made as a climber.

  1. As a climber, yoga helps you create more stability, improve your flexibility and your technique. And what's even more important: Doing yoga, your body will be able to recover way faster from climbing.
  2. Short and focused yoga sessions can be extremely powerful, more than long yoga sessions. You create a change by making many small steps, not that one big jump.

This challenge is short so you can try yoga on a small scale without signing up for a week long course.

The 3 Parts of the Challenge


The video sequence "Feet Riser Technique" is about strengthening your legs and core, and increasing your hip flexibility.

Rücken-Relax nach dem Klettern

In the video "Back Relaxation After Climbing" you'll do gentle poses for your back, shoulders and neck - even after a long day's work, it feels so good!


The sequence "Mental Power Strategy" is about strengthening your legs, challenging your balance, and increasing your concentration.

For the Challenge, you do not have to have a yoga experience or be flexible. You can modify all poses. Way more important than the outer form of the pose is that you listen to your body and keep breathing deeply.

Let's get started!

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